15 Social Media Post Ideas to Boost Engagement in 2022

Social Media Post Ideas
Social Media Post Ideas

For a marketer or company owner who manages their social media, there’s nothing more discouraging than being trapped with their ideas for an extended period. Anytime you’re working against a deadline and find yourself unable to come up with an original concept for a post or campaign, it’s easy to grow disheartened.

You may have arrived at our site because of this. Having trouble coming up with social media post ideas will no longer be an issue. It’s not a big deal, though. The urge for inspiration from time to time is typical, and it may be able to assist us in shaking off the rust and returning to our previous levels of creativity. The items on the following list comprise anything and everything that you would wish to publish on social media platforms. These social media post ideas cover a wide range of topics, from B2B social media post ideas to promotional posts, and will keep you inspired for a long period.

The Following Are Some Really Useful Social Networking Platforms for You to Use:

  1. The tools you use on social media are critical to your achievement if you want to achieve success. These social media tools and resources will aid you in responding to the inspiration you will gain from this post by taking action.
  2. Posts may be scheduled for Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook Groups and Facebook Pages as well as Google My Business up to a week ahead of time using the social media post scheduler.
  3. When you use this application, you will no longer have to spend time searching for news or perfect updates manually; instead, an algorithm will identify the most relevant articles, news stories, and blogs for your specific interest areas.
  4. Automation of social media updates using RSS feeds: RSS feeds are a wonderful way to stay up to speed on current events. So, why not use them as material for your fans on your social media accounts?

Creative Social Media Post Ideas

Blog Post Updates

Does your firm have a blog? If so, how often do you update it? You may cross-promote your blog entries from websites as social media posts if you’re looking for ideas for social media engagement posts.

When it comes to getting your blog recognized, the most successful technique is to use your own social media networks to promote it. Given that it came from your organization, you may be certain that it is relevant to your business and your peers. As a result, genuine blogs make for excellent social media post ideas for businesses.

15 Social Media Post Ideas to Boost Engagement in 2022
Blog Post Updates

You can share these blog posts mostly on Linkedin, but you can also share them on Facebook and Google My Business.

Industry News

News pieces earn more social shares than any other type of material, including blog posts and videos. Most companies that produce a content focus on in-depth, long-form material rather than breaking news as it occurs.

Make a list of news sources that are relevant to your industry and include them in your document. For example, trade periodicals and websites may fall within this category.

You may, however, add RSS feeds to your social networking accounts without encountering any difficulties. And you may automate the process depending on your preferences for information sources and the frequency with which you want updates to occur.

Content That Has Been Curated

Content curation is the process of disseminating the work of others in your industry to your target audience. When it comes to communicating with your audience, the information you want to share with them has most likely already been written down. An article that has previously been published can save you the time and work of generating a detailed post from scratch (by giving them credit, of course).

15 Social Media Post Ideas to Boost Engagement in 2022
Content That Has Been Curated


Any content you share on social media does not have to be an article or a blog post, according to the rules. People are more likely to converse and connect if you ask them a controversial question, such as What type of stuff, for example, should I blog about next, and so on?

It is the most effective approach to determining what your readers want to read next.

You may obtain information from your audience by creating a poll on Twitter or Linkedin or by asking a funny question.

Social Media Polls
Social Media Polls

Product or Business Demonstration Videos

Images that attract your audience’s attention as they navigate through their news feeds are particularly effective. Videos, like photographs, can increase engagement in the same way that they do.

When comparing videos and images, research has revealed that videos have a greater organic reach than photographs. To take advantage of this free organic reach, share short movies about your business or a new product that you have recently launched on social media.

You may use the Canva app, just like the rest of the world, to generate video posts or animated social media post ideas for your business.

Create A List of Social Media Post Ideas for Each Day of The Week

For example:

  1. Monday is a motivational day (motivate your audience) – The first of the week Inspirational Sayings #Tip for Tuesday – Tuesday: (according to your specialty)
  2. Insight posting on Wednesday – #Wisdom – will be developed. Wednesday
  3. Throwback Thursday is a #ThrowbackThursday. Thursday is a working day (post photographs from a prior trip or performance)
  4. Use the hashtag #freethingFriday to give something out for free on Fridays. #FreebieFriday
  5. Saturday: – #SaturdaySpecial (Saturday Special) (discuss something special on Saturday)

Have an Open Discussion with a Business Leader

Cross-promotion is an excellent way to get your name out there. If you have the opportunity, engage in a discussion with someone knowledgeable in your field.

  1. Using Linkedin to initiate a conversation with your target audience is an excellent idea.
  2. Take the first step by identifying a notable individual in the industry.
  3. It is also possible to do so on Twitter. Find peers or influencers based on certain keywords by using the Google Keyword Tool.

Tell Us About Your Favorite Free Resources

Isn’t it true that free goods are usually enticing? Free downloads, whether they’re ebooks, white papers, or other sorts of digital content, will be appreciated by your target audience.

Tell Us About Your Favorite Free Resources
Tell Us About Your Favorite Free Resources

Infographics and Other Visual Representations

To give your audience something to download, such as an infographic or a content bundle, make it available as a resource.

With infographics, you can transmit a great deal of information via the use of visuals. They have a unique ability to make drab data appear entertaining!

15 Social Media Post Ideas to Boost Engagement in 2022
Infographics and Other Visual Representations

Your audience will be drawn in by the visual component of your infographic, and they will be more inclined to stick around and read the remainder of what you have to say as a result of this.

As previously said, easy-to-use social media design tools such as Canva make it simple to begin creating your infographics immediately.

Mention Your Supporters and Followers by Name

Warmly welcome your new supporters to your group or page as a way of expressing your appreciation for their participation.

One of your most committed followers (or your top three most devoted followers) receives a personalized thank you, and you may express your gratitude to your first 1,000 followers.

  1. Share a testimonial with a fan to express your gratitude for their support.
  2. Provide a fantastic incentive for your followers.

Promotional Materials for An Event

Does anything happen if no one is aware of what is going on?

To give your event a more personal touch, you should create a Facebook Event Page. Next, make a big splash on social media to promote it! In addition, you may work on your Google My Business page and establish an event on that page, which will be shown at the top of the search results.

Promotional Materials for An Event
Promotional Materials for An Event

Webinars or Live Streaming Sessions

Going live on social media has recently gained popularity across a variety of platforms. All four of the sites listed above, as well as YouTube and Instagram, provide the option of going live. By conducting some research, you can determine which platform is the most effective for you and where your target audience will view the majority of your material the most frequently.

15 Social Media Post Ideas to Boost Engagement in 2022
Webinars or Live Streaming Sessions

Encourage Individuals to Subscribe to Email Newsletters

If you want your audience to participate in a webinar or demo, you must advertise the sign-up link on social media platforms. Showcase your signup forms for webinars, demos, and email newsletters to the people that matter to you.

Quotes That Will Motivate and Encourage Everyone

Motivational phrases, even if they are corny, maybe remembered, and effective if they are delivered correctly. It is OK for you to include quotes from industry specialists since we feel that they would resonate with the audience.

Look for quotations or testimonials from industry experts or members of your target audience that will resonate with your audience and help them to believe what you are saying.

Instructional – How-to Videos

Additionally, you may create quick how-to videos that show the functioning of a feature or tool without having to go live on the internet. These movies will provide your visitors a behind-the-scenes look at your tool, boosting the possibility that they will use it for themselves.

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