6 Alternatives to Buffer for Scheduling Social Media

6 Alternatives to Buffer for Scheduling Social Media
6 Alternatives to Buffer for Scheduling Social Media

Social media must be a part of any good digital marketing plan. Alternatives to Buffer in social media schedulers is a common topic for content managers and creators. You must create and moderate content, attract active followers, and analyze a significant quantity of data if you want to flourish on social media. That’s a lot of work, but fortunately, there are a few social media management tools that may assist relieve the stress of an otherwise overwhelming task.

If you’re seeking web-based social media management solutions, Buffer and its sub-products are a must-see.

Is it, however, truly worthwhile?

Although Buffer and Hootsuite are well known, it never hurts to look around to see if there are any new, or long-term social media management solutions that might make your life simpler. Various social media schedulers are frequently used. Many users enjoy discovering hidden gems that may provide many of Buffer’s capabilities at significantly cheaper costs and with less complexity by identifying particular use cases for many free or low-cost solutions.

Why Are We Looking For Alternatives to Buffer?

Buffer is, without a doubt, one of the most popular social media management services. It has a social media planner, a simple user interface, and Instagram scheduling right from the app.

However, it contains several flaws.

Buffer Publish, Buffer Reply, and Buffer Analyze are the three applications that makeup Buffer. Each charges a monthly subscription for services such as social media publishing, monitoring, and reporting. As a result, choosing Buffer’s four solutions to handle their social media strategy might be tough for lone entrepreneurs or SMEs. For this reason, they usually hunt for Buffer alternatives.

Agorapulse Is One of Alternatives To Buffer

The Agorapulse app is another one among alternatives to Buffer. You may use this tool to schedule posts to major social media sites (Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube), as well as ask your social media management team or agency to take part in the creation of posts. It offers a simple interface and might be a superb Buffer alternative when compared to business platforms like Buffer, which have too many dashboards for identical services.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is another well-known and business-oriented social network management tool. This social media management tool has several collaborative features that make working in sizeable groups a snap. If you’re searching for a Buffer replacement for businesses, Sprout Social is a good option.

However, most social media companies and small enterprises cannot pay for it. Each user pays at least $99 each month, which is already rather expensive.

This condition also implies that when your staff grows, your social media management costs would rise.

Hootsuite As Alternatives To Buffer

Hootsuite is undeniably an enterprise-level platform that provides organizations with a complete social media management solution.

As opposed to Buffer, Hootsuite has additional features geared toward social media management, ad management, and so on. It includes capabilities such as social media marketing and direct comment response that Buffer does not.

(However, Buffer has a feature called Buffer Reply for this.) Buffer has a more user-friendly layout than Hootsuite, and it focuses more on social media scheduling tools.

However, compared to Buffer, it lacks an RSS link monitoring capability and white labeling, as well as for analytics and reporting.

Paid plans start at $29 a month for up to ten social profiles and one user, which seems reasonable when compared to Sprout Social, is another Buffer alternative.


Sprinklr is social media management, scheduling, and marketing application. The base package covers social scheduling and reporting, but you may upgrade to get social advertising analytics.

The chief difficulty is that anyone interested in subscribing to Spinklr must first request a quote from the Sprinklr staff. A particular quote usually shows that the platform is too pricey for small businesses and new agencies to pay.

CoSchedule as a Buffer Alternative

CoSchedule is a lesser-known Buffer alternative than Hootsuite or Sprout Social. The content calendar in this application makes scheduling, repurposing, and creating content a breeze.

The Co-Schedule application allows you to communicate with higher management about your team’s progress while maintaining flexibility through drag-and-drop rescheduling. You can also use a full content calendar to drag-and-drop assignment tags, define objectives, and schedule articles, exactly like you can with Trello cards.

For the marketing suite option (team management and social media marketing), you must contact them for a custom quote. It lacks content curation and design features, and the basic content scheduling tool is only available for $29 a month. In this instance, the price might skyrocket once more.

Later is most known for its Instagram scheduling tool, but it also allows you to manage your Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter accounts. You can construct a shoppable IG feed similar to the Buffer shop grid and add many links to a single post to make it shoppable.

The social media calendar, however, does not include LinkedIn.

Furthermore, certain businesses may demand additional white-label or sophisticated collaborative features. Later options include 100 scheduled posts and one profile per site for a monthly fee of $7.50.

The Final Word

In 2022, you have a variety of Buffer alternatives. Consider your long-term needs to price, functionality, and the number of accounts supported when shopping for a social media management system.

It’s best to figure out whether you need more content creation tools, curation, scheduling integrations, or advertising, marketing, and reporting software.

Because social media marketing platforms such as Buffer and Sprout Social may demand you to acquire extra services, such as ad management to have enough capacity to plan more content, you may need to purchase other features such as advertisement management.

This may frequently break the transaction if you are not a social media marketing specialist.

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