Linkedin Marketing Guide: How Is Linkedin Used For Marketing?

Linkedin Marketing Guide
Linkedin Marketing Guide

LinkedIn marketing is the biggest networking platform medium in the world’s professional community, with about 756 million members in over 200 countries and territories throughout the world. Besides having over 57 million enterprises, LinkedIn has a simple mission: to connect the world’s professionals to make them more successful and productive in their jobs.

What are the benefits of having a Linkedin Company Page for your company?

Improved identification of the brand among target populations

  1. Encouragement of other employees to take part and build a sense of belonging
  2. Providing some excellent examples that apply to the entire business.
  3. Aiding in the marketing of individual brands.
  4. Identifying the target market for your product.
  5. Maintaining your company’s “top tier” position and creating a network of specialists are important goals.

Statistics of Linkedin Usage:

According to the parent business, Microsoft, LinkedIn sessions increased 31 percent year over year in the first quarter of 2021. Microsoft also states that engagement is at an all-time high, but does not provide any details.

According to SimilarWeb, the number of people that visited LinkedIn in September 2020 was 1,117 million. After five months of continuous traffic increase, the month of April has ended. LinkedIn has risen to become the 24th most visited website (22nd in the US).

Statistics of Linkedin Usage
Statistics of Linkedin Usage

What is the best way to create a Linkedin marketing strategy?

LinkedIn marketing is comparable to other kinds of social media marketing because it is targeted towards professionals. Every campaign should begin with the establishment and outlining of objectives. It would be beneficial if you asked yourself why you are undertaking this LinkedIn marketing campaign.

To achieve your goals, they should be SMART. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound. You must make certain that you will use proper metrics to evaluate the success of your marketing strategy. If we summarize the process in principle, you should then integrate these objectives, the methods for achieving them, and the interests of the target audience in a single pot. However, simply establishing a Linkedin marketing plan is not sufficient. Please follow along with us for more excellent examples in the section below!

Is Linkedin good for B2B marketing?

With learning more about business news, getting new referrals and connections, and spending valuable time online networking, LinkedIn is the go-to site for senior executives, buyers, and C-level employees. Linkedin B2B marketing initiatives, it can be fairly said, can provide favorable outcomes sometimes.

Please have a look at our brief guide on LinkedIn for Businesses before proceeding to the following set of Linkedin marketing recommendations.

According to data from Linkedin Pulse;

  1. On LinkedIn, senior-level influencers represent 61 million users, with 40 million holding decision-making positions.
  2. Almost half of those who read articles on LinkedIn are in management positions (managers, VPs, Directors, C-level)
  3. B2B marketing on LinkedIn is believed to be profitable for 38 percent of B2B marketers, according to research.

How to Create A Linkedin Strategy for B2B Brands?

1. Make your company’s web page seem its best.

Many other social media platforms you might use for Linkedin marketing strategy have two pages: personal pages, where people list their previous jobs and accomplishments, and company pages, where you can present details about your company. LinkedIn is like many other social media platforms you might use for marketing strategy. Any company that wants to be successful on LinkedIn must have a visually appealing and useful corporate profile.

Make your company's web page seem its best
Make your company’s web page seem its best

You may expect it to be the first location on LinkedIn where your target audience will arrive. No matter if you use LinkedIn to sell products or to raise brand recognition, think of it as a kind of virtual store.

Make certain that your profile information is accurate and searchable.

The first thing to realize about LinkedIn is that both your profile and page content are searchable on the site, so users both within and outside of LinkedIn might locate your company’s listing depending on the phrases you use in your profile or page content.

Make your LinkedIn Page URL stand out from the crowd.

The platform allocates all corporate pages and profiles a standard LinkedIn URL, but you can customize either or both if you like – and it’s worthwhile.

Make your LinkedIn Page URL stand out from the crowd
Make your LinkedIn Page URL stand out from the crowd

It is a good strategy for improving your LinkedIn profile and making your brand more visible in searches on LinkedIn and Google.

It’s time to update your pictures.

If you haven’t changed the background image on your profile, there is still a potential that you may be overlooked. You might even include a call-to-action (CTA) within your banner graphic to further engage visitors. We may accomplish adding translated content in additional languages for global B2B prospects by building separate profiles for each language pair.

2. Create Showcase Pages that are appealing to certain target segments of the audience.

Once you have created a company page, you can use it to create Showcase Pages to highlight different aspects of your brand and corporate culture. Besides curating information on certain topics, these specialty sites may also be used to sell new products or acknowledge the accomplishments of your team members.

LinkedIn Create Showcase Pages
LinkedIn Create Showcase Pages

3. Post timely and useful articles frequently.

Besides posting at a consistent and effective frequency, you must provide your network with interesting and trending information. Being seen as a reliable source of information may help you advance your position as an industry thought leader.

It’s not the marketing that you can just “set and forget.” Having people follow your account is meaningless if they will receive nothing in exchange.

4. Consider using the Linkedin InMail Solution.

For Linkedin B2B marketing, sending an InMail straight to a prospect’s inbox may frequently do the trick, whether sales personnel or recruiters are reaching out to prospects or communicating with famous persons on the platform.

Consider using the Linkedin InMail Solution
Consider using the Linkedin InMail Solution

Because it is more personal, the receiver is more likely to notice and respond to it. They have reported that LinkedIn InMail receives three times the amount of answers as standard emails.

How to create engaging LinkedIn posts for LinkedIn Marketing Strategy?

If you want to increase your LinkedIn followers, interaction, and conversion, you need to create interesting material for your target audience to read. We must take two aspects into consideration when designing a content strategy: the aims of your organization and the expectations of your target audience.

#1: Updates on your status should be simple and captivating.

One of the most helpful functions on LinkedIn is the “LinkedIn Status Update,” which can be found under the Create Post box at the top of the site of your LinkedIn Profile. You may contribute photographs, videos, and documents, as well as organize daily or weekly polls on subjects that are currently trending in your specialty.

Updates on your status should be simple and captivating
Updates on your status should be simple and captivating

In addition, you have the option of selecting which postings you want to share with anybody or only with your contacts before sharing.

  • Send links to articles, websites, or videos that you think others may find useful.
  • LinkedIn posts with photographs generate two times the amount of interaction as ones without images.
  • Larger pictures do even better, with click-through rates that are 38 percent greater than those for other sizes. LinkedIn recommends a resolution of 1200 x 627 pixels for this image. Make a mention of someone or something (@NameHere) that you think could be of interest to some of your connections.
Linkedin Posts With Photographs Generate
Linkedin Posts With Photographs Generate

#2: LinkedIn Articles

Do you already have a blog some place on the internet? Also, consider publishing it as an article on LinkedIn, with a link back to your website. Along with publishing a new LinkedIn post, you have also increased traffic to your company’s website.

LinkedIn Articles
LinkedIn Articles

Given that the vast majority of your connections are professionals with similar interests, selecting themes that will resonate is straightforward.

In addition, they will share every article you create and publish with your network of contacts via a notice. The ability to exhibit the best practices in your selected topic area is a fantastic opportunity for you.

Your material may reach a new audience if your contacts find it interesting enough to like or share it with others.

#3: Video Content

LinkedIn users are 20 times more likely to re-share a video post than a text-only one. Video material is the most re-shared sort of content on LinkedIn, which is consistent with other social media platform data. Using video as the content may be helpful if you want other LinkedIn contacts to assist you in spreading your message. You can also read our post on how to perform video marketing on LinkedIn marketing strategy to understand more about this topic further.

Linkedin Video Content
Linkedin Video Content

Source: Linkedin Marketing Solutions Blog

According to LinkedIn’s algorithms, which are like those of many other platforms, users should receive a feed that contains a variety of material from individuals in their networks. If you share video material, your followers may be informed or see your video content shown in their feeds if they follow you.

Influencer Marketing on Linkedin: 5 Reasons to Promote Through Influential Figures

While LinkedIn’s popularity grows throughout the world, the “Influencer Marketing” campaigns that started with Instagram and YouTube have now spread to LinkedIn! When used as an influencer marketing service, marketing studies done on LinkedIn by business thought leaders may have a major impact on sales of goods and services, especially between businesses (B2B).

1. “Trust” is an important aspect of corporate sales.

Others who purchase things on behalf of their companies respect recommendations from people who have previously used the same product and look for reliability when making purchases. A question was asked of the people who made procurement decisions on behalf of their organizations in a study conducted by the Management and Marketing Consultancy firm Demand Gen, and 75 percent of the participants said they give more weight to the source’s reliability when making B2B marketing decisions. Furthermore, the same study’s findings reveal that in instances where time is restricted to review a product commercial, 87% of participants would prefer to look at the postings of market influencers for the same product where they discuss their experiences.

2. Influencers allow direct contact with the intended audience.

LinkedIn recognizes important persons who have frequent and qualified positions in a specific sector to inspire those who are interested in the same subject. As a result, those who are thought to be powerful on LinkedIn will eventually build a big network of others who share their interests. Brands that find LinkedIn to be useful because consumers who are especially interested in the services or commodities that influencers offer will be attracted to them, almost as if they had done sectoral advertisement.

3. To open out to the world, you don’t need a massive commercial campaign on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is one of the world’s fastest-growing social networking platforms. With LinkedIn’s low-budget marketing activities, you can go global. Influencer Marketing services, which will be offered on LinkedIn by people with strong international connections, can help your company develop export potential.

4. You can sell more with less effort.

B2B marketing has its own set of complexity, and LinkedIn’s operational platform accommodates these intricacies perfectly. People who have a year-end budget will find it simpler to make purchases if they are convinced that the marketed product or service will meet their needs and if they trust the promoter.

5. LinkedIn is not just for B2B products, but also for B2C items.

LinkedIn is becoming an essential platform for B2C influencer marketing services, besides products and services focused on corporate demand (company to customer). Compared to other social networking sites, the LinkedIn community, which is mostly made up of corporate employees, may be considered comprising people with higher purchasing power. This issue highlights the importance of effective LinkedIn use, particularly for organizations looking to sell homes, vehicles, or high-priced equipment.

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