How to Get Twitter Blue Subscription and Check Mark

How to Get Twitter Blue Subscription and Check Mark
How to Get Twitter Blue Subscription and Check Mark

Twitter and its Twitter blue check mark has grown to become one of the most widely used social media platforms in the world, and its users regularly share their ideas and views with millions of other Twitter communities. Having a verified Twitter account, on the other hand, maybe a very beneficial tool for companies, influential people, and public personalities.

The legitimacy and identity of a Twitter account may be verified by clicking the blue tick that appears on the profile page. This gives the account’s followers a degree of credibility and confidence in the account.

In this detailed tutorial, we will go over the requirements for acquiring a Twitter blue check as well as the procedures you need to perform to make your account eligible for the badge.

Criteria to Meet to Obtain a Twitter Blue Check

You must satisfy all of the following requirements in order to be awarded a Twitter blue check mark:

  1. You are responsible for keeping your account current and in good standing.
  2. It is required that you have a profile photo, a header image, and a bio associated with your account.
  3. Your account is not valid without a verified email address and phone number.
  4. You are required to have your tweets set to public.
  5. Your account must have been active for a minimum of half a year.
  6. Your profile needs a minimum of fifty people to follow it.

How to Make an Application for a Blue Tick on Twitter?

Following the procedures outlined below will allow you to apply for a Twitter blue tick after you have verified that your account satisfies the requirements for eligibility:

  1. You’ll need to travel to the verification request page once you’ve logged in to your Twitter account.
  2. Complete the form for verification by providing your complete name, Twitter username, and the reason you think your account needs to be confirmed.
  3. Please include any documents that may be required to back your claim, such as proof of identity, proof of locality, and proof that you are notable.
  4. You must first send in your verification request and then wait for Twitter to respond.
Elon Musk Twitter Blue Subscription
Elon Musk Twitter Blue Subscription

Tips for a Successful Twitter Blue Verification Request

Even though completing the requirements for eligibility is the first step toward acquiring a Twitter blue tick, there are a few recommendations you may take to boost the likelihood that your verification request will be granted. These tips are as follows:

  • Maintain a steady presence on Twitter and make frequent interactions with the people who follow you.
  • Avoid publishing material that might be considered provocative or improper, since doing so could violate Twitter’s regulations.
  • Make sure that your Twitter profile has correct and comprehensive information.
  • Check to see that your account does not violate any of Twitter’s guidelines in any way.

Increasing the legitimacy and visibility of your Twitter account may be accomplished in several ways, one of which is by earning a blue tick. You may take your Twitter presence to the next level by adhering to the eligibility requirements and following the suggestions for submitting a successful verification request.

Now, let’s talk about the Twitter Blue subscription, shall we?

Unlocking more capabilities via the Twitter mobile app is possible by subscribing to the Twitter Blue service, which requires a predetermined monthly payment.

Where may one get a Twitter Blue account?

Twitter Blue is now available to users in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Over the next several months, Twitter intends to continue its availability expansion efforts.

At this time, you are only able to subscribe using the iOS app.

How much does it cost to upgrade to Twitter Blue?

The monthly fee for a Twitter Blue membership is AUD 6.99, which is equivalent to USD 7.99, CAD 9.99, GBP 6.99, and NZD 14.00.

How can I become a member of Twitter Blue?

  1. Launch the Twitter mobile application on your Apple iPhone or iPad.
  2. Proceed to the option marked “Profile”
  3. Select the Twitter Blue tab.
  4. To become a subscriber, click the blue icon that says $/month.
  5. To successfully finish your purchase, it is necessary to follow the in-app payment steps.
  6. You can check the status of your subscription. Navigate to the Twitter Blue option under the Profile menu. If you are enrolled, an “Active” status badge will appear on your profile with a green checkmark.

What exactly comes with a Twitter Blue account?

Twitter Blue users get access to the following additional features when they subscribe to the service:

A verified account gives you the appearance of being significant by placing a blue checkmark next to your name.

  1. Bookmark Folders, you can organize your saved tweets.
  2. Custom App Icons are app icons that may be personalized for use on the home screen of a smartphone.
  3. Personalized Navigation allows you to choose the items that display in your navigation bar.
  4. You have thirty seconds to click the “Undo” button before your tweet is published.
  5. The “easy-to-read text” feature of Twitter’s Reader Mode condenses lengthy tweet threads.
  6. Themes The Twitter app now comes with several fun color themes.
  7. Access to a specialized customer support team for subscriptions.
  8. Labs give users early access to features that are still undergoing testing before making such features accessible to the general public.

Difference Between Twitter Blue Subscription and Twitter Verification for Blue Tick /Checkmark

Twitter Blue Subscription is not the same as Twitter Verification. Originally, Twitter used the blue checkmark to identify active, notable, and authentic accounts of public interest that Twitter had independently verified based on its criteria. If an account had this checkmark, it meant that Twitter had independently verified it based on its criteria.

Either the user is subscribed to Twitter Blue or the account was previously verified using the criteria described above. As of right now, it may signify either one of those things. When you click on the checkmark, you will now be given information about the sort of verification that applies to the account.

Twitter included an “Official” tag in addition to the checkmark that distinguished these important accounts. However, the functionality was removed within hours after it went live and was only available for a limited period.

We anticipate that the procedure will continue to develop, and we will keep this website up to current when new developments occur.

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