3 AI-Chatbots: ChatGPT vs Google Bard vs Baidu Ernie

3 AI-Chatbots: ChatGPT vs Google Bard vs Baidu Ernie
3 AI-Chatbots: ChatGPT vs Google Bard vs Baidu Ernie

Now, the AI chatbot market has three players. ChatGPT vs Google Bard vs Baidu Ernie. It is generally believed that Google’s unveiling of its own generative chatbot dubbed Bard was a somewhat panicky reaction to the interest in ChatGPT, and maybe to an invitation Microsoft extended, that is likely to disclose its own AI technology.

First, check out our guide on how to use ChatGPT!

On the other hand, the revelation made by Baidu caused quite a stir, as seen by the almost 15 percent increase in the share price of the business in the hours after the disclosure of ERNIE.

What Exactly is Open AI’s ChatGPT All About?

The use of ChatGPT has been gaining huge popularity all around the world and is now dominating the internet. The level of traction was so strong that ChatGPT quickly became the consumer application with the most rapid growth in the annals of internet application history.

ChatGPT, a well-known artificial intelligence chatbot developed by OpenAI, has amassed a total of one hundred million users. ChatGPT began operations in November of the previous year, making its accomplishment all the more impressive considering how quickly it was accomplished.

The Bing Search Engine, Now Powered By ChatGPT: 5 Potential Features

The following are the five most notable distinctions that he found between conventional Bing and Bing powered by ChatGPT:

  1. Taking up the role of a “assistant”: Microsoft’s new Bing is going to be powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4, and the company is marketing it as a research assistant, creative partner, and planner all bundled into one.
  2. The standard search bar has been replaced on the new Bing with a wide text box that allows you to ask it anything using up to one thousand characters. This chatbox has taken the place of the old search bar.
  3. The latest version of Bing is able to acquire up-to-date information, and as a consequence, it is now capable of compiling several results, writing a summary, and crediting the source from which it obtained the information.
  4. Sophisticated jobs: The new Bing is capable of doing complex tasks like as meal planning if the user provides it with parameters such as food preferences, financial limits, location, or time allotment.
  5. Conversational search: The new Bing provides an experience similar to researching with a person by having the capacity to have a conversation with you. You will feel compelled to continue the discussion by asking follow-up questions as a result of this suggestion.

Which Is Better? ChatGPT vs Google Bard vs Baidu Ernie

Although ChatGPT, Baidu AI Chatbot, and Google Bard are all chatbots powered by AI, there are several significant distinctions between them:

Training Data:

OpenAI’s ChatGPT is an expansive language model that was trained on a wide variety of online material. Both the Baidu AI Chatbot and the Google Bard were created by the respective firms, and each one may have been trained on a unique dataset.

Size of the Model:

The ChatGPT model is one of the biggest language models that have ever been created since it has over 175 billion parameters, making it one of the largest models of its kind. Baidu AI Chatbot and Google Bard may be more basic versions.

Their Purposes:

The primary functions of ChatGPT are the generation of text and the response to queries, but Baidu AI Chatbot and Google Bard may include additional capabilities or use cases that are more relevant to their applications.

Commercial Use:

ChatGPT is a product of OpenAI and is not generally accessible for usage in commercial settings. However, it is possible to incorporate ChatGPT into other applications by using the OpenAI API. Both the Baidu AI Chatbot and the Google Bard are products of their respective firms and may have varying degrees of accessibility and availability depending on the company.

In general, each of the three chatbots has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, and which one is the superior option will be determined by the particular use case and the needs.

Google Bard or LaMDA

Bard, a product developed by Google, aims to combine the depth and breadth of human knowledge with the power, intelligence, and creativity of our massive language models. It obtains information from the web in order to deliver current replies of high quality.

Google has announced that they will begin enrolling individual developers, artists, and organizations so that they may test our Generative Language API. This API will initially be powered by LaMDA, with a variety of models to come in the future.

They continued:

Our long-term goal is to develop a set of tools and application programming interfaces (APIs) that will simplify the process by which others may construct more cutting-edge software using AI.

Startups need to have access to the required computing capacity in order to construct AI systems that are dependable and trustworthy. We are thrilled to be able to contribute to the scaling of these efforts via our relationships with Cohere, C3.ai, Anthropic, and Google Cloud.

Google Bard vs ChatGPT:

Bard is based on LaMDA, which is an abbreviation for Language Model for Dialogue Applications. GPT, on the other hand, was developed by Google. Artificial intelligence was able to create a language with such accuracy that a business engineer referred to it as “sentient” a year ago; however, the technology giant and scientists mostly refuted this assertion.

The Generative Pre-trained Transformer, or GPT, was first made available to the public by OpenAI in the year 2020.

The GPT 3.5 series of language models, which completed their training at the beginning of 2022, serves as the foundation of ChatGPT.

Sometimes ChatGPT may write replies that are plausible-sounding but are really inaccurate or make no sense.

What is ChatGPT Plus?

Because of how popular it has grown, the artificial intelligence text generator ChatGPT has often been “at capacity” in recent times, which has resulted in excruciatingly lengthy wait times. ChatGPT has resolved the issue by formally announcing the availability of a monthly subscription for users that want quicker speeds, more dependable access, and precedence for the addition of new features.

The existence of ChatGPT Plus has been the subject of speculation for quite some time; however, some of the rumors surrounding it have now been confirmed.

How much is ChatGPT Plus?

The monthly fee for ChatGPT Plus will be 20 dollars. This is in contrast to the widespread belief that the price would be far higher. The free version of ChatGPT will, of course, continue to be offered, and users won’t be required to make a purchase in order to make use of the service going ahead.

What Exactly is Included in the ChatGPT Plus Package?

According to the article on the site, ChatGPT Plus will provide the following three features in particular:

  1. Access to the whole ChatGPT platform, even at busiest hours
  2. Faster response times
  3. Access ahead of schedule to newly developed features and upgraded components
  4. The most apparent advantage of upgrading to ChatGPT Plus is that you will have access to the platform even during high use hours.

Simply the fact that some individuals have to wait for hours to get in ought to be enough to guarantee that the subscription model will remain popular. Even if we don’t know what the next new features will be, it’s still exciting to think that we’ll be among the first to receive access to them when they’re released.

We are aware that the fourth generation of ChatGPT, which promises to be a significant advancement over the third generation, is scheduled to be released some time in 2023.

ERNIE, the Chatbot of the Chinese Baidu

ERNIE, the Chatbot of the Chinese Baidu
ERNIE, the Chatbot of the Chinese Baidu

Since the debut of ChatGPT by OpenAI, a firm based in the United States that specializes in artificial intelligence, the app has become a phenomenon all over the world. However, it is not accessible in China.

For Baidu’s technological breakthrough, internal testing is now being done on the chatbot, which has the Chinese name Wenxin Yiyan and the English name “ERNIE Bot.” It is scheduled to be made available to the general public in March. “Enhanced Representation Through Knowledge Integration” is what the acronym ERNIE stands for.

A complex answer may be generated by the Baidu chatbot in response to textual instructions, much as ChatGPT does. This enables users to compose articles, essays, jokes, and even poetry.

After the news, the price of the company’s shares on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange shot up by more than 15 percent, making Tuesday their highest trading day in over a year. There was also a rise in the value of other Chinese AI stocks.

Lastly, as noted in the preceding discussion, Baidu has provided both a controlled learning algorithm and a credible learning algorithm in order to ensure that the model is capable of generating messages that are logical and consistent. It has already completed the laborious tasks necessary to produce such a system, having outlined “ERNIE 3.0 Titan,” a pre-training language model that has 260 billion parameters, in the year 2021.

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