How To Get Started With Twitter Communities?

How To Get Started With Twitter Communities?
How To Get Started With Twitter Communities?

Following breaking news and maintaining contact with people you are already interested in are two of the many benefits of Twitter. Many believe that the lack of discovery tools and the absence of established community places makes it harder to connect with individuals who aren’t actively seeking for you, however, this is not always true. According to a Twitter announcement made earlier this month, the Twitter communities have taken the stage.

Taking a broad audience with a wide range of norms, standards, and levels of skill and bringing them all together in a single digital space to cohabit and benefit without the presence of a social media environment looks to be a novel approach. However, we were all able to adjust.

What exactly is a Twitter community
What exactly is a Twitter community

People searching for like-minded individuals on social networking sites, on the other hand, have evolved novel methods of satisfying this need. Individuals who are pleased to be on the same page with you may be found in a variety of places such as Instagram stories from close friends, Facebook groups, Clubhouse rooms, the entire Redditt society, and now Twitter communities, which all provide a different perspective on communication.

What exactly is a Twitter community?

Twitter Communities are intended to make it easier to connect with others who have similar interests to yours. User’s would join these new social hubs and tweet directly to other persons who share their interests, rather than only to their normal set of followers. Those tweets will remain publicly available, but only other members of the community will be able to react to them.

As a result of Twitter’s new Communities function, which allows users to establish semi-public groups where only members may engage in discussions, the company’s new Twitter Communities feature was born.

The fact that Twitter is a text-based daily battle for attention might make it an urgent requirement to create Twitter communities that respect and value comparable things. Because, at this time, a plethora of undesired content, such as disinformation, influence operations, scams, harassment, and other forms of harassment, might easily appear on the platform, it is important to act quickly. As a result, people with even a somewhat large following find themselves on a social network that appears to be filled with traps much too regularly. Someone could mistake what you said, and you’ll find yourself spending the better part of a day defending yourself to individuals who seem eager to misinterpret what you said.

What is the best way to use Twitter Communities?

When you become a member of a Twitter community, you have the option of tweeting directly to that group rather than to all of your followers. Only members of the same community are permitted to comment and participate in the debate, ensuring that it remains personal and relevant.

The ability to Tweet to your community for a focused discourse is still available, but Community pages and timelines are now available to the general public, enabling any member of the public to read, comment on, and share Community Tweets.

How can I become a member of a Twitter community?

Inviting folks who will contribute to making it a fantastic place for debate is how moderators determine the topic of Communities and develop Community regulations. For the sake of maintaining order, moderators set the Community rules and encourage others to administer their own spaces.

Community formation is currently restricted, but in the next months, Twitter will make it easier for more people to start their own Twitter Communities, enabling everyone to debate whatever they want. Some of the initial Twitter Communities that Twitter is experimenting with are based on popular Twitter conversations, which is not surprising.

Dogs, weather, footwear, cosmetics, and astrology are just a handful of the themes that have exploded on Twitter in recent years, with many more to come, showcasing the diverse and distinct topics that have emerged. However, at this moment, to join Twitter communities, you must first be invited to a Twitter Community by a moderator or another member. Whenever someone joins a Twitter community, they will automatically receive five (5) invites to suggest other individuals join Twitter communities as well.

What is the best way to create a Twitter community?

As previously said, there is no surefire way to create a Twitter community at this time. Instead, we are waiting to see what Twitter will do in regards to the discretion that users have when building communities on Twitter.

If you are interested in forming a Community on Twitter before that decision is made, you may contact them using this link.

Take a look at the following examples of Twitter communities:

  • Shawty Astrological, who has 111,000 followers on Twitter and often tweets about horoscopes, has been promoted to the position of moderator in the astrological industry. Furthermore, given the diversity of perspectives on astrology, memes, and some inappropriate jokes, Twitter groups can be a more secure environment in which to share information and expertise with like-minded individuals.
  • Matt Nelson is the creator of We Rate Dogs, a Twitter account with 9 million followers that is now a moderator for the dog community on the social media platform. Additionally, more engaged followers can come together under that group, in addition to adorable images and a flurry of comments on those photographs.
  • Josh Ong, who moderates a Twitter group on non-fungible tokens, adds that it is difficult to debate the subtleties of cryptocurrencies in front of all of his followers. For the simple reason that technical jargon, our own memes, and other factors make the NFT debate exceedingly high-context. Individuals are permitted to split such discussions when it is in the best interests of the community.

What is the structure of Twitter communities?

Access to communities may be found at the bottom of the iOS app and in the sidebar of Users may also see Community Tweets on Twitter for Android, and new capabilities will be available shortly. Using Direct Messages, you may invite anybody on the globe to join a Community, regardless of where they are located.

Keep up with the latest developments by following Twitter Communities (@hicommunities).

Tweeting in a Community:

Once you have joined a Community, you will be able to tweet into it. All Community Tweets (including Quote Tweets) will be shown in the community and injected into the timelines of users that participate in the community. In contrast to Tweets to your followers, these Community Tweets would not be delivered to their timelines, as would Tweets to your followers. Tweets from the community are not displayed on your Twitter profile.

Just before you send a tweet, choose who you want it to go to by clicking on Everyone or a specified Community.

Viewing Tweets from the Community: If you are a member of one or more Communities, you will see the Communities tab in your Twitter app on iOS or the sidebar on if you are logged into your Twitter account. While on the main Communities page, you’ll see a Communities timeline, which is comprised solely of Tweets that have been sent to the Communities that you’re a member of. You may also click directly to a Twitter Communities page to get a timeline for the specific community you’re interested in.

For further information, see Twitter Help about Communities.

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